$75 / 650 NOK

The European Commission awarded Oslo the prestigious European Green Capital title for 2019.

Oslo By Kayak celebrates this by giving you the Oslo Eco Kayak Tour! 3 hours small kayak group tour in the Oslofjord. You will learn about Oslofjords wildlife and how to protect its beauty. 


Tavaha is the Nordic expression for taking care of the ocean. It is also referred to as the “Nordic aloha”. The most effective way to protect our ocean is to make sure our plastic does not end up in the ocean.


On our tour, you will have the chance to be a part of a beach cleanup, or you can simply take a swim. However, a swim will always feel so much better after you have done some Tavaha ;-)


Your tour guide will be a licensed kayak instructor, which will make sure you learn the basics of paddling so you can enjoy the trip. That means you will not need to have kayak skills before this trip. Your tour guide will also make you feel safe and guide all the way to your destinations. The weather and the size of the group are taken into consideration when we select kayak destinations


After our Kayak Eco trip, you will get some other eco-travel recommendations from your tour guide. Where to eat and sleep, or other things that you must experience in Oslo.


What you need to bring:

  • extra clothes (in case of a swim ;-)

  • ​beach towel and swimwear (if you want to swim)

  • Water bottle

  • Some food or snack that gives you energy


What we will provide:

  • Kayak and other equipment

  • Licensed kayak instructor/ tour guide

  • Water from the spring

  • A safe place for your luggage

  • Toilet (before we head out)

  • Travel recommendation (eat, sleep, and other experiences)    

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