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In Norway you need to have a certificate to hire a kayak, statics shows that this has helped to lower the accidents in kayaks consequently. To get this Norwegian Paddle Association (NPF) certification you will need to take an introduction course with a licensed kayak instructor.


Oslo kayak course at sea

Oslo By Kayak provides introduction kayak courses at sea for beginners and those who want to take the NPF certification. The course takes about 3 hours. From this course, you will learn everything that you need to progress with your paddling. Safety, Technique, Partner Rescue and Sea Laws for Kayaks.


The last part of the course is a Partner Rescue, here you will need to swim so put on wool or something that will keep your body warm. However the water is pretty warm, so as long as you have dry clothes to change to you will be ok. You need to prove that you can successfully do a Partner Rescue to get the NPF certification.


After the course, we will register you online, so that other kayak tour company can see that you are certified to hire sea kayaks.

What do you need to bring:

  • extra clothes (in case of a swim ;-)

  • ​beach towel and swim wear (if you want to swim)

  • Water bottle

  • Some food or snack that gives you energy


What we will provide:

  • Kayak and other equipment

  • Licensed kayak instructor/ tour guide

  • Water from the spring

  • A safe place for your luggage

  • Toilet (before we head out)

  • Travel recommendation (eat, sleep, and other experiences)  

+47 924 48 643

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